A Statement from the President on The Betterment Website – The Great Panacea


A Statement from the President on The Betterment Website – The Great Panacea

Dear Reader,

I know how valuable your time is, especially when you don’t have an adequate amount of it, so I won’t yearnfully take too much out of your day, but I just wanted to disclose to you our most recent, most revolutionary undertaking.

As you may or will know, Arcada Apparel was contending with the rather maddening stagnation of our online arenas of marketable engagement, such as our website, which retained similar features and familiar deficiencies throughout the years. Since our inception, we had found it strikingly clear that we lacked a competitive distinction, in that we were disconcertingly without the most consequential component in an eccomerce custom apparel company: and indispensable design studio. This, of course, served to ostensibly repel potential customers who were seeking convenience over simple hallmarks of a service, so much so that it considerably harmed our enterprise.

As a dismal and sickening result of this deficiency, we were profoundly limited to only few consumer demographics that were boundlessly interested in filling out forms and contacting complaisant customer service representatives to complete their arduous orders. An agent of exceeding misfortune, this shortcoming precipitated the sacrifice of convenience for time, which was an adjustment customers–and consumers–did not fancy enduring, so much as tolerating. For an innumerable amount of years, Arcada Apparel had remained plunged into this perpetual commonplace, which I amply abhorred, as you may expect.

Although it required a copious amount of time, it was until now that we’ll contend with this as we have actively begun establishing a new website that will rid us of this unfortunate shortcoming. It being the opportune time, this early January we will be introducing a substantially superb and equally flawless website that will include The Design Theater, an interactive design studio in which you can upload artwork, create a motif, or browse through our wide-ranging selection of products. And we are profoundly roused.

Among an innumerable amount of attributes, The Betterment website will undoubtedly include the following:

  • A responsive, high-quality display
  • The Design Theater: A stunning interactive design studio made to moderate the ordering process
  • Coherence in the arrangement of the textual and graphical features
  • All-encompassing information and detailed, explicit instructions, along with a guided ordering process
  • Contemporary features rendered for social media, customer reviews, and many others

The Great Panacea’s completion will arrive soon, so I would sternly request that you heed current updates on social media and our website to know when we will reveal this ALL-NEW website.

As always, we hope the best, and in the spirit of the holidays, I will leave you with wishes of a warm and joyous Christmas and memorable New Year celebration for you and your loved ones.

With Exceeding Optimism and Ecstasy,  
K. D. Hanson
President and Founder, Arcada Apparel LLC