The Splendor of The Betterment Website

Dear Valued Customer,

I know time is rather precious, but I wanted to disclose an extraordinary event that we have endured.

As you may have been made aware of, we have been engaging in an arduous project to launch The Betterment website. Since the commencement of this costly and significant undertaking, we have set our eyes on fulfilling our greatest will: to boost our progress, and to ameliorate our company as a whole while doing so. With this prodigious endeavor, hours of improvement, and integrations of fine features, we are now left certain we have established the agent that will provide this, to invariably work wonders on our online performance, our reputability, credibility, and then some. Now it proves to be especially true that, as the saying goes, the website has come full circle.

In the preceding website, it could not be refuted that it sheltered striking yet removable deficiencies. First and foremost, our website was static, soporific, and dull. In most cases, many of our customers shared the same opinion that it was not attractive, and was in exceeding need of betterment. Having taking us up on that, we have engaged in a prudent and suitable response, and set out to inaugurate a website that would be as stupendous as it was revolutionary. As I had pondered the resources we would potentially exhaust in executing this venture, I swiftly came to the deduction that our scant website was not only more than in a need of repair, but in need of reflecting the quality and splendor that we had demonstrated in the production of our products, and in customer interactions.

In suppressing the shortcomings and issues of the old website, we had worked our will to onerously craft a website that would not only reflect, but manifest our vision to provide a memorable yet woe-free experience to our customers. Barring a few minor features, we have found the need to replace the entirety of our website with instruments that would perform in the fashion we yearned for, hence the nickname, “The Great Panacea.”

Now that we have arrived at the end of this undoubtedly strenuous and awe-inspiring endeavor, I am more than roused to affirm that our revolutionary website had been launched faultlessly. There are a few hallmarks that are worth noting, so I have done so down below. If you haven’t familiarized yourself with any of these attributes, you will surely find these descriptions most useful. 



As we had ascertained, there is no better alternative than being in the commonplace. Out of the innumerable amount of shortcomings we had realized, chief among them was the absence of a design studio. In this reality, we had afforded ourselves an unfavorable distinction among competitors who had this needful software. Long story short, our most adverse and most noteworthy deficiency has been put to an end, and the outcome is utterly astounding. Unlike before, the design process has been made simple, and thanks to The Design Theater, it is much more expeditious. With an effortless click, you can upload artwork, and create your own motif with a template from our wide-ranging selection of over 9,000 designs and clipart–without any haste. When you use it, you will surely notice that we have gone the extra mile. 




Whether it strikes someone as being scant or indistinct, we are sure our website is worth a look for its indisputable coherence .More so than not, one of our most consequential objectives was to boost the appearance tremendously. In doing so, we had hallmarked our website with a pleasant display and eliminated ostensible visual eyesores that were vile and unwelcoming. Working to assure it came out especially likeable, we have made the appearance more than contemporary, but anomalous. The Great Panacea also features a responsive display that embellishes the experience with breathtaking attributes. For these reasons, I am firmly convinced this website will be considered extraordinary to anyone who visits it.   










There were many attributes that we had worked tirelessly and restlessly to integrate, and many have been detailed preceding this one, but a customer portal was a welcomed auxiliary. If interest compels, and there is an inclination to do so, our customers can now establish their own account and record all their purchases via our website. As you may most likely be cognizant of, making one purchase once may never be enough. Due to this truth, this has been integrated so you will be enabled to establish your ordering record and make a purchase again, should it there be need for it. This distinct feature can also be utilized for a surfeit of other purposes. You can tag memorable products to your wishlist, pinpoint an inquiry you had made before, and most of all, ease all of the aspects of an order that would otherwise be troublesome to execute without this tool. 

As you may have swiftly realized by reading these texts, we have worked greatly to craft an exceptional website that would fulfill its paramount utility: to make an impression. Our enterprise will certainly pay off, and we hope you will find our new, stupendous website to be as enjoyable as we had.

Thank you, as always.

With Exceeding Optimism and Ecstasy,  
K. D. Hanson
President and Founder, Arcada Apparel LLC