The Dawn of the End: A Message from the President of Arcada Apparel

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The Dawn of the End: A Message from the President of Arcada Apparel

Our persistence has yielded positive results for Arcada Apparel throughout the years. As part of our four-year anniversary extravaganza, I wanted to reflect on this past defined by our unwavering resilience, and share with you some big news.

Looking into the past, as we have been doing this month, we have realized we seldom appreciated the struggles and pitfalls that of our company faced head-on since its inception. To this day, it is still sobering to contemplate the past–and perhaps we are still rather indifferent about it. Truth be told, Arcada Apparel represented a risk that assumed the major source of distress in the beginning. It thrust into our discourse the notion of derailment, which was bound to trouble us in one way or another. In spite of the positive ripples in the industry, Arcada Apparel was put in a rough position. Regardless of what is thought to the contrary, we owe this to the fact that this new company struggled to make a name for itself. We continued to look forward, nonetheless, with heads up high, overcome with optimism. This beginning still started to prove most harrowing after awhile.

At the start of this journey, we concentrated our efforts on alluring customers through social media and other outlets. After a few months, we managed to secure breakthrough orders that boosted Arcada Apparel in the long-run. Our wholehearted commitments motivated greater strides that, in-turn, sustained Arcada Apparel throughout the years. Within that timeframe, much has transpired.

To this day, I am still gratified with the caliber at which we operated. Our assemblage of employees, made up of hard-working and loyal men and women, all had their role in the development of Arcada Apparel; and for that, I am eternally grateful. In them, we have unwavering modals for the workplace. Their toils, and the many feats we accomplished side-by-side, defined Arcada Apparel. Denying ourselves the right to braggadocio, we were seldom boastful. Even now, one the best qualities of Arcada Apparel is honesty. At the start, we knew that obsequiousness was central to our customer service. Ever since then, we have put our customers at the heart of every consideration we made, thus far. Their pretensions to a suitable service all mattered regardless of where they came from. Prejudices never informed our decisions, and that is irrefutable.

Needless to say, we realized quite early on that we had no governance over our future. In spite of every precaution, there were financial and social hurdles that manage to wreaked damage in one way or another. Rewinding the clock in my head, I cannot recall the time when there was some strain on Arcada Apparel. Throughout its existence, our company has circumvented every obstacle before it; but now, this time it is insuperable.

Over the past few weeks, there has been growing concerns over how we can endure internal infighting. In the company, there were attempts by many people (including myself) to grab at power, and assume the role of President of Arcada Apparel.  Much to our misfortune, this led to disputes and rifts that have merely crippled our company. Unfortunately, I saw deeper deficiencies in the characters we wished to emulate, and for that, we have decided not to move on.

Commencing on Monday of next week, Arcada Apparel will slowly start to dwindle down its operations–and now, swifter than before. There will soon be dramatic changes made, and its effect will consequently be seen on every outlet online that we have at our disposal. Legal challenges will be sorted through, but we anticipate Arcada Apparel will cease from existing by Febuary 2nd, 2018. As tragic and Shakespearean as this seems, there is a befitting Act that follows this one.

Although Arcada Apparel will close its doors, I will remain a stalwart owner–just this time, under another name. Beginning next year, I will be pursuing a new venture, and establishing a new company which I have regarded as the successor to Arcada Apparel. Our offices and operational framework will remain as is, and I will be installed as the inaugural president, and of course, honored as the founder. I hope you follow this story into its next exhilarating chapter.

Thank you, and I hope you have a blissful and prosperous 2018.

With Warmth,
K. D. Hanson
COO, Arcada Apparel LLC