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Setting a New Standard for Custom Printed Clothing


Since its fortuitous inception in 2013, Arcada Apparel has quite clearly maintained a somewhat outlandish, but not entirely curious philosophy that the distinction success derives from mastery, forward-thinking, and ideal pragmatism. To say the least, this rather inscrutable philosophy has been the backbone of Arcada Apparel’s prosperity, perseverance and its steadfast frequency of creativity, all of which were goaded by the threat of failure that haunted K. D. Hanson. In the intensity of utilizing this deep epiphany, if you will, our strong-willed president K. D. Hanson brought it into focus his desire to fulfill this “dictate of commerce,” as he once called it, as to exercise the prudence of assuring the aforementioned hallmarks, and seek guidance when it is most necessitated. Driven by this tour de force of realization, K. D. Hanson set out to satisfy this enigmatic yet essential need by meticulously establishing his faultless company. Bursting with measureless elation at the sight of his conviction and earnestness, Arcada Apparel had been enabled to cultivate exceeding reputability, and also a solid tradition that perpetuated quality, submission to excellence, firm faith in the efficacy of our actions, and most of all, a service worth noting. In doing so, the extent of our distinction had been amplified, solely due to our insuppressible commitment to producing sumptuous, well-crafted custom apparel at reasonable prices, for student groups, marching bands, small businesses, and an abundance of others, to empower them with the exceptional power to make an impression, or elevate an occasion, without breaking, as the saying goes, the bank.

Rather unexpectedly, the “Arcada Apparel Narrative” commences in the unlikely summer of 2012; the year when an intrepid adolescent would take on the title of “founder,” by a robust devotion to the cause of establishing the foremost name in custom apparel. Enabled with the assistance and cooperation of his kindhearted, generous mother, K. D. Hanson had commenced the notable inception of Arcada Apparel. During June of that 2012 year, the penurious two found themselves inundated with the reality of coming across adversity, and the anguish of enduring financial woes, given that they had to contend with the financial struggles precipitated by their ordeals. Fortunately, though, this plight during the high school stint of the founder K. D. Hanson, would prove to be adverse, but especially indispensable in the company’s formative years. In encountering these gratuitous, inbound throes, the future president of Arcada Apparel sensed some scorn, noting that their company had been descending into heaps of debt, facilitated entirely by him. Flooded with bitter ill-feelings toward this, he saw to it that these obligations be resolved, however steep the challenge may be. In doing so, K. D. Hanson ran the risk of failure but still evinced no animus toward continuing this neither ill-advised or asinine, but needful venture, whatever the future held in store for him and his beloved company that would, as it had later been known, establish itself as the complaisant, obsequious, foremost name in custom apparel.


Empowered with an irrepressible entrepreneurial spirit that he had manifested throughout his high school servitude, K.D. Hanson had come to convince himself that he had the more than extraordinary competencies required to manage an enterprise with a profound magnitude and reach. Charged with newfound optimism and the will to live his elusive dream, K. D. Hanson made use of an opportune time to establish this enterprise during the commencement of his high school commitments in the summer of 2012. Doing so had appeared to be awfully arduous for the nascent individual, but K. D. Hanson had remained earnest, eventually persuading his mother–the agent of financial safeguard and bolstering–to render her support in appeasing K.D. Hanson, as he worked tirelessly to bring to life his fancy for the inception of his company. Having secured her benign and indispensable support, K. D. Hanson broke new ground by crafting our company’s underpinnings, and our identity. Started as an exploratory endeavor, K. D. Hanson launched a project to create his enterprise’s name, ultimately resulting in a copious multitude of names in their rudiments, such as “Sienna Apparel,” “Excelsior Garments,” and “Triumph’s Clothing,” all of which were adequate, but not distinctive. Terrified at the feasibility of these names already be taken, K. D. Hanson went against his desideratum to craft the name of his company that would be every bit as distinguishable as it was extraordinary. In doing so, he made the consequential selection of a branding his dear enterprise Arcada Apparel.

The intention of utilizing this name was to evoke an exceptionally tremendous degree of sharpness, which would resemble stringency in stimulating quality, affordability, and accountability. The two conspicuous A’s would, moreover, serve as an emblem of our affirmation to offer a custom apparel service that would be first among all other rivals in our industry. More so than not, this name had captured the essence of establishing this distinctive and memorable identity for this company, it being to do the benevolent deeds of producing inexpensive custom apparel, not lacking of quality or brilliance. Soon after, K. D. Hanson genuinely felt that it was necessary to launch some exposure campaigns, and afford Arcada Apparel some spotlight by using the most versatile advancements in social technology. During the August of 2012, he had established a number of social media accounts, and, superfluously, a website. They had offered some exposure, but it was not assumed to be adequate.


With the needful inception of a few social media pages, a website and an identity, K. D. Hanson had avouched that it was his intention to differentiate our company from the others, even preceding its establishment. To execute this, he knew it was necessary to go against the conventions, vitiate his sense of the need for conformity, and think nothing of the mirage of the impracticality of offering a complaisant, obsequious service, due to the malbehavior of most custom apparel companies that made it seem most unachievable. To ensure Arcada Apparel would have a disparity between itself and others, it was settled as being paramount that to have a service that consistently offered unsurpassed custom apparel splendor by incorporating unknown offerings, and an attentive and high-quality service that would put the customer first by offering comprehensible yet considerate communication, developing superb production techniques, and forging synergy to create an ample network of trusted, notorious vendors, as to beget valuable, unmatched assets. Arcada Apparel was now nearing an imminent inception, as it was ready as it has ever been, to brave the critics and make an impression in its industry.


By the initiation of K.D. Hanson’s high school experience, Arcada Apparel was exceedingly prepared, but not invulnerable. As we would come to know, apparently insurmountable adversity would be encountered, thus making it irrefutable that a postponement of the launching would take place. After valiantly persevering through one year, on 2013, Arcada Apparel was ready to sour. On November 2, 2013, the anomalous, unbeatable company, Arcada Apparel, was fortuitously established. Having contended with little to no social media reception, and mediocre marketing initiatives, Arcada Apparel was still able to obtain its inception, despite the vast litany of discouraging obstacles. Nonetheless, K. D. Hanson was still fulfilling his many academic onuses, making it sickeningly unviable to have the privilege of managing his company with proper efficiency. Not long after, K. D. Hanson sorely suffered a few hurdles that he had to overcome. Fortunately, his plight was short-lived, and having hurtled to his graduation, he was ready to devote all of his labor to the prosperity of Arcada Apparel, his grand treasure.


Today, Arcada Apparel strives to maintain a reputation for being the distinctively foremost provider of sumptuous yet reasonably priced custom apparel in the industry. Hallmarked with its unrivaled FREE SHIPPING and a Satisfaction Guarantee, Arcada Apparel has prolonged a distinction for going the extra mile and simultaneously proving to be an unsurpassed leader in high-quality yet affordable custom clothing, for whatever occasion or purpose any small business, student group, marching band, large corporation, and many others, have in mind. Now, Arcada Apparel boasts its reputability with modest surety of its continuity by affirming its steadfast devotion to remain an appealing, customer attentive custom apparel service over all others. Because we’re incessantly taking on great projects to ameliorate our service, we want to know if you notice us deviate from our promise that is as fundamental as it is necessary. If it is warranted, notify us by using any medium of communication you find convenient, the options including phone, e-mail, or through our website, so we can work to return to our course in being an unchallenged company.