Frequently Asked Questions

Even if there is the slightest doubt about moving forward with a purchase, or you want to learn more about a particular part of our service, we highly suggest that you send over your question by email, if the answer is not already on this page. Every customer, prospect, or inquirer must be satisfied with the scale of information they have, so if you feel like that you need to learn more, you can go through the frequently asked questions down below.

When Would It Be Appropriate To Cancel My Current Order ?
When Will I Know My Order Has Been Approved Or Rejected?
What Method Can I Use To Contact You?
What Is Custom Apparel?
When Will I Receive My Order?
Is There Embroidery Offered?
Where is Arcada Apparel's Production Facility?
Questions not here?

We Frequently Anticipate You May Have Questions About Our Services Or Products. Here’s a List of The Usual Questions We Receive.