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Build up awareness, produce funds, or simply make a profit by selling your own custom merchandise on a Specialized Online Store.

Avoid the unpleasant hassle of collecting funds autonomously with your own Specialized Online Store. Just conveniently select from a wide array of sumptuous yet affordable garments, submit your designs and artworks to Arcada Apparel, then an overjoyed assembly of technicians and developers attend to your needs to establish a free Online Store and link it to your website, at no cost to you. Above all, the great part is, we do all the heavy lifting, then deposit the funds you’re entitled to every month to your bank account by check or direct transfer. It is quick and reliable medium to make money in the most effective manner there is. All you have to do to get started, is submit the application down below, if it has been made available.

Heavy Lifting


Instead of burden you, we toil to make your Specialized Online Store just right. After you create your merchandise catalogue, we input all the algorithms and personalize your Online Store as fast as we can. Best of all, we maintain your store while you collect your funds periodically throughout the duration of your contract.



Promoting a new online platform can be difficult as it is, so we always ensure your Specialized Online Store will be linked to your domain. This usually makes it easy for your followers and potential prospects to easily spot your Online Store, meaning that it will not take long for earnings to come in after the launch.



As far as pricing goes, we are pretty swayable when it comes down to setting up the margins. Once you agree to the terms of the contract, you will be entitled to increase (but not decrease) the standard prices, if you are so inclined to do so. There is a range of margins that we will explain upfront, so do not worry about determining which margin is right for you alone.



Acquiring a Specialized Online Store is much less difficult if you are an institution seeking this tool for lucrative purposes, but for individuals and other actors, it may be much more problematic. To ease the worry, we have developed an application process that is swift, comprehensive, and painless. The scope of the information you give is highly imperative in deciding who is and who is not qualified to have a Specialized Online Store, so please be clear and concise in all the entry boxes. You can submit the form down below whenever you are done. Receipt of your application takes some time, so do not expect a response in your inbox until 5 to 10 business days after your submission, when careful consideration of our statutes has been completed.

First Name*:

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Description of Role (if acting on behalf of an entity):

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Primary Industry of Business/Type of Business (if applicable):

Date of Inception (if applicable):

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Website Class* (Options include: directory website, personal website, photo sharing website, informational website, e-commerce website, online business catalogue, blog, community building website, or writers website):

Purposes for Online Store

Thorough Explanation of Goals with Online Store (Must be at least 250-words)*:

Clerical or Personal Range of Abilities

1. Is any person in the labor force capable of creating graphics on a high-rated raster graphics editor?

2. Does your establishment have active merchant accounts with major payment processors, such as Paypal or Stripe*?

3. At what amount do you project the daily net earnings to be in your Specialized Online Store*?

4. How many products will you select to be in your merchandise catalogue*?

When you have adequately completed all the entry boxes up above, you can feel free to submit your application. As noted above, this is an extensive process that warrants furtherance of inquiry, so we will not be able to accommodate applicants looking for immediate approvals. Thank you, nonetheless, for your submission.