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Are you in need of making an impression on a budget? Look no further. With custom apparel from Arcada Apparel, you can inexpensively empower your small business, student group, marching band, institution, or anyone you have in mind, with the power to make an impression, or elevate an occasion. More than just an inconsequential commodity, custom apparel has the undoubted ability to compel customers, excite family members, or spark positive responses, and even moments of awe, in those surrounding it. Here at Arcada Apparel, we comprehend the power of these special items, which compelled us to commit to assure every customer experiences an ideal, attentive customer service, and above all, enjoys sumptuous custom apparel made in the only way we know how: with the exceeding quality of expensive clothing, coupled with the hallmark of affordability. Making an effective impression is greatly difficult, but with Arcada Apparel, you can accomplish this and attract new customers, astonish a crowd, or simply spread a message, at an awfully inexpensive price.

With a multitude of affordable t-shirts, polos, jackets, tank tops, and even aprons, we know we have what you want. Our wide-ranging collection of high-quality clothing reflects our pledge to offer affordable products, at no expense of their quality. Sharpened by years of improvements, our scores of products are extremely sumptuous, so much so that they can be put to use as stunning canvases for customers to test their artistic abilities on. Easing the process of doing so is Arcada Apparel’s high-end Design Theater, which is an impressive design studio in which you can conveniently upload artwork and create embellishments with items from an array of 9,000+ clip art and preformatted designs. More so than not, however, there are other offerings that are no match for our Design Theater, especially when considering FREE GROUND SHIPPING and a Satisfaction Guarantee are them. To get started on an order from a complaisant and attentive service, visit our Design Theater to select your items, while being mindful of our 15 item minimum, and 480 item maximum. After you have submitted your order, you can justifiably say that you have made the right decision.



Every order produced is expected to deliver. And we ensure it will.

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Rather than choose the most inexpensive names in clothing, we select the most trusted brands so quality is not compromised whatsoever.


Unlike other brands, we offer rapid yet free ground-shipping on all orders.


All of our creative graphic designers, customer service associates, and production coordinators are dedicated to satisfying Arcada Apparel’s customers. With advanced technology, high-end equipment, and flawless production techniques, Arcada Apparel’s custom apparel service produces high-quality custom clothing, all nominally priced and tastefully packaged. Along with our many assets, our vast network of clothing vendors are prestigious and the greatest in their industries.


    1. Worry and stress are not possible here. Your pursuit for custom apparel, and your selection of the foremost name in custom apparel, do not go unnoticed. Unlike other companies, we always see to it that you are treated to a considerate, friendly customer service, and an ordering process that is tasteful, likeable, and not distressful. Our desire to assure you are satisfied begins with your purchase, so to prove to you this is true, we have established astoundingly easy steps. As you take comfort in this, we want to reveal the indispensable instructional information that make completing an order swift and effortless. Firstly, you should know that in order to begin your purchase, you must navigate to our “Design Theater,” a high-end design studio in which you can select your items then customize them to your liking. Once you have completed assuring the minimum of each product chosen is 15, you may proceed to the checkout cart. if this is not flattering to you, you can submit an order by completing a Direct Submission by Phone, which is an expeditious mode of ordering in which you make known all important details of your purchase to a knowledgeable representative, hence “direct.”
    2. Once you’ve selected your items, proceed to our “Order Form” page, then finalize your order by purchasing with a major credit card. After you have selected your items in the Design Theater, and proceeded to the checkout cart, you should first ensure the details of your order have no errors. Once you have done so, you must compete your purchase by using a major credit card, or making use of any alternative modes of payment available. If you have any questions or concerns, simply call one of our representatives at (888) 409-6162 or, if it is more attractive, email us at
    3. The end of your purchase means the start of production. Now that you’ve successfully made your purchase, you should expect to receive an all-encompassing confirmation email, containing all your order’s details. If there is any error, we highly encourage you to make any amendments, should they be needed. If there are no mistakes, your order will begin its production subsequent to the 1-day cancellation window.

Don’t Forget : If you’re using your own logos, motifs, or designs, you must make sure they do not violate any of our uploading policies. To view our restrictions on the items you upload, please visit our User Agreement.



Creating a motif can be troublesome for many. For that reason and that reason alone, we have established this offer so you don’t have to endure the agitation and woes of making your design. With the payment of an inexpensive charge of $26.00, you put to work multitudes of connoisseurs with decades worth of mastery and knowledge to produce what will surely be an ink novelty, or imprint marvel, just for you. But unlike our rivals, we go the extra mile by utilizing tasteful preformatted design templates and clip art from our 9,000+ design library, to craft a motif just for you. On top of this, we consult with you during the entirety of the creation period to ensure the outcome is much to your liking.

Getting started isn’t tiresome. To begin the process, firstly you must abstain from uploading any artwork or making any embellishments to the products you’ve chosen in the Design Theater. Succeeding this, you will have to proceed to checkout, where you will select “PROCURE DESIGN CRAFTING CHARGE” for the augmentation of the charge to your order. Once you have made the purchase with your preferred mode of payment, you must navigate back to our “Contact Us” page to fill in, and submit, the “MAKE A DESIGN CRAFTING REQUEST” form. Preceding this, please be advised that we only craft one design per order, so should you have the desire for another design, you will have to execute another purchase.

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We grasp that you may prodigiously prefer that you use your own motif, or logo. Because we do, we have inaugurated an easy-to-use and profoundly high-end design studio in which you can make embellishments or upload your designs onto the products that you’ve chosen. Although it is feasible to make a design in our Design Theater is, we have still set a few sound parameters to assure the outcomes do not complicate the process. To work wonders on the swiftness of the order’s production, we sternly recommend that you heed our policies on resolution restrictions and size requirements stated in our User Agreement. If your embellishments do not violate any of our polices, you can go on to secure your high-quality custom apparel.



All these design positions (or placements) may be applicable to your clothing. If you don’t know which one(s) applies to your specific order, please contact us by phone or email so a distinguished representative can answer your questions about these positions.