Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

Arcada Apparel respects that you have the right to excercise deprecation for the divulgement of your private information, and that that you have the full authority to contemplate the legitimacy of a service. To prevent any deplorable and extensive breach of our systems, executed by a foreign or unknown actor, we will engage in the prudence of committing to retaining the stable protection of your personal information, and to entirely assure the integrity of that security does not vitiate. Because of this, we ask you to please heed the following statements to fully understand how your use, involvement, and engagement with our service is utilized, and the private precautions we’ll take to protect your use of our service or anything else mentioned.

Collected Information and Use

(A). General Orders

By using our service, we require you to provide your e-mail, phone number, billing address, and company (if applicable) for creating custom apparel. We will not in any way reveal, give or sell your private information or history of your orders unless one of the following reasons: (i) The information is needed for legal marks you’ve proceeded to do our service with (“the relevant institution”) for necessary purposes; (ii) your information is needed for certain purposes, therefore requiring the disclosure of your information to trusted associates and affiliates; or (iii) your information is supplemental to any legal circumstance (which will only be released upon the request of a distinguished authority).

(B). Volunteer Information

If you choose to complete our surveys, send an email or other form, we will collect information such as your phone number, e-mail address, name, and the contents of a sent email for improvement purposes, utilized to either refine the effectiveness and efficiency of our service, or website.

Shared Information

Before we continue this statement, please know your personally identifiable information will never be sold to any third parties. There are instances where Arcada Apparel will use your information at not targeted purpose to your personal identification, but at anonymous gleaning, and by decision, share information for necessary purposes. Like other website retailers, Arcada Apparel hires other companies to promote or otherwise achieve a function necessary for our service. Only unless your personally identifiable information is needed to be used to provide you with individual service, then we will share your information to the third party only for their integrality in the order process.

There may be information shared for marketing purposes, but please note your financial information, credit card, address, phone number, and e-mail address will not be shared for these purposes. Your name may be protected from third parties only on our decision to disclose it.


To uphold efficient online use with your order experience, we use a method that, among other websites, may be the most “direct” approach to your individual experience: the use of cookies. A cookie is a small file containing your information transferred from your browser. We use cookies for record-keeping purposes and to understand the interests of our customers for the reason of improving our website.

If you do not prefer the use of cookies, edit your browser preferences.

Children's Use

Although the textual and graphical attributes, and the general appearance of our website was intended for any audiences, any person registering under 13 years of age (as of Arcada Apparel’s knowledge) will not be collected of any personal information. As in accordance with the Federal Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA), any information affirmed to be received by a minority will be eliminated of any personal records from our servers. To assure full children discretion is preserved, we recommend to limit minors to any use of our site.


At times, when we may be concerned with the duration of the content or the content itself, we will alter or add information. We recommend you frequently visit our Privacy Policy for the relevant, updated terms. If we revise our Privacy Policy, we will publish the date of revision on our website.

*If your privacy concerns were not addressed, or you are not pleased with the extent of the delineation of measures, the disclosure of information, of express of terms this privacy policy, please let us know. E-mail us at, and tell us your concern. NOTE: We would recommend labeling your e-mail “Privacy Policy Concern” so your request can be categorized and reviewed conveniently and without the mishap of giving an erroneous designation.